The 30th Ajinomachidaya Tasting 第30回 味ノマチダヤ試飲会 「旬味5」ひやおろし

The 30th Ajinomachidaya Tasting – Hiyaoroshi Sake (Autumn Sake)

第30回 味ノマチダヤ試飲会 「旬味5」ひやおろし


The Hiyaoroshi Sake Tasting is one of our regular events.  This is going to be our 30th tasting event since we started organizing events 15 years ago.

Hiyaoroshi Sake is sake which releases in the autumn.  For a certain type of sake is believed to taste best in the autumn.  Due to the globalization, we could now have food which is not in season in our area.  However, we would like people to enjoy the best taste of each sake and have different enjoyment in each season.

We are looking forward to seeing you!!
Date: Sunday, Sep. 9
Time: 1pm ~ 4pm
Place: SHIDAX Village, Shibuya, Tokyo
Ticket: 2500yen (No ticket sales at the door)

Kikisake (sake tasting)

Fall is an exciting season for sake lovers.  In the fall, many breweries will release sake which has been stored for more than 6 months.  In order to introduce good hiya-oroshi sake (fall sake) to the public, we and the brewers gathered together and shared thoughts before the release. IMAG1866


What sake do we like? Do we really like it? Or we are just following the type/brand of the sake?  Usually we get to know the type/brand of sake we drink, but the taste might be affected by the stereotype. Therefore, we sampled 50 varieties of sake without knowing the brands or types.  Then, we might change our thoughts and find something we like but have never thought of trying before.