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AJINOMACHIDAYA was founded in 1952 as a retailer, and it has become one of the leading companies of regional Japanese alcoholic beverages in Tokyo, Japan.  We promote Japanese alcoholic beverages by representing various premium brands.  And we are now pleased to bring our outstanding selection to the world as an exporter.  We offer different types of high quality products, including Japanese Sake, Shochu, Spirits, Liqueur, Beer, Wine at reasonable prices, and prompt delivery.  The products in our collection are truly distinctive, as each of them has its own unique features.

After years of service in the industry, we have built our reputation on offering special quality products and professionalism.  We also have a strong network and close relationship with producers in Japan, which enables us to offer the finest products to consumers.  Our goal is to introduce Japanese quality alcoholic beverages to importers/distributors/individuals around the world.  In order to reach our goal, we have been working to present and familiarize our customers with premium products from regional breweries by holding many excellent events every year.  We will continue to promote and bring quality Japanese products to the world.

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